How to Prepare For Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation Appointment

Receiving a diagnosis and medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician is an imperative step in becoming a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, so we’ve created this guideline to help you prepare for your appointment.

Before Your Appointment

Step 1: Check to see if you have one of Arizona’s approved medical conditions for medical marijuana.

Step 2: Make sure your physician is a doctor of medicine, osteopathy, naturopathic medicine, or homeopathy that is licensed in the state of Arizona. This can be your primary care physician or any other doctor who is willing recommend marijuana and to take you on as a patient.  Please note: Prop 203 does not require physicians to provide a medical marijuana recommendation. See our section Doctors and Certification Centers for a pot-friendly doc near you.

Step 3: Gather any information you can about your medical condition, such as medical records, a list of current prescriptions, or x-rays—especially if you are seeing a doctor other than your primary care physician.

During Your Appointment

Many patients in need of a medical marijuana rec­ommendation don’t know what to expect from an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor—especially since Arizona’s medical marijuana law is so new. But an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor is no different than any doctor’s visit. And remember, your visit is part of your confidential medical record and your doctor will only discuss your medical condition and marijuana recommendation for verification purposes.

During your medical marijuana evaluation, your doctor will perform an exam for your condition, and will review your cur­rent medical records and any diagnosis documentation you may have. At the end of your visit, he or she will provide a medical marijuana recommendation and fill out the appropriate paperwork you will need to apply for a medical marijuana card.

After Your Appointment

After your appointment you must register with the ADHS to obtain a registry identification card. Please see our How to Qualify section to learn how.

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